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JPH!P 2257 Porn Palace


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The point of this livejournal is to pick up where JPH!P's PORN Forums left off. The same constant flood of XXX material and discussion except at another location. Don't forget to bounce back to the forum and interact with other perverts.

The PORN lives on in the #JPH!P Chatroom (to share files and links) and
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JPH!P 2257 Porn Palace LJ Community

Rules for downloading (PLEASE read):
1.] To state the obvious "no child pornography." Including hentai with obvious undertones of pedophilia. This is just pure mature porn only. The older the better.
2.] I must stress that you strictly must not link to these files into another journal or site. If you are that desperate to have others enjoy a certain porn posted here, either direct them to the journal or upload to your own server yourself.[And please inform me if you know of a place where people are direct-linking to these files.]
3.] As with other file sharing LJs, it would be nice if you'd leave a comment after downloading a file so we know how many people are downloading from us. Thanks! :D

MOST POSTS ARE FRIENDS ONLY. If you want to see the videos and scans, then join!

Enjoy the free porn.

Do so by...

Just keep banging the LJ community for updates, add jphip_2257 to your friends list and you'll know instantly! This is how we do it at JPH!P. Any questions, holler holler at me or one of my sexy female co-maintainers: _ayumix_ and boxy__brown. Spread the word, share shit. and oh yeah, FUCK THE MAN!


Home of The RIVETHE WORLD'S MOST PERVERTED FORUMPlease come back to me tama-chan
The Land of The Dropping Pants...Only Teh HiP Survive.
The Japanese Pop Culture XXX Perverted Hentai Ladies Lesbian Loving Sports Twisted Ass Forum.


Join JPH!P Red Light District cuz THAT'S WHERE THE FUCKIN PORN IS!

This livejournal is meant to offend.

Get the fuck out!

Don't be scared, it's only pussy.

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